The new Avada Showcase is here

Avada is a hugely popular WordPress Theme with well over 250,000 downloads from Theme Forest to date and that makes for a lot of live Avada websites out there on the www.

When choosing, or working with a theme, I have always found it valuable to look at live examples of just how that theme is being used in the real world. There are a few sites out there already that list un-sorted examples of Avada Theme sites, but none that showcased a hand picked selection of the best websites using Avada.

So, Avada Theme Examples is here to fill the gap and provide a collection of Avada sites that can show of the true potential of the theme and inspire users to create the best Avada sites they can.

Submit your Avada site to the showcase

If you have a live website that yses the Avada WP theme, we would love to see it. The best examples will be added to the showcase giving you extra exposure, backlinks and bragging rights. So, use the submit page and show us what you have created.

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